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Chris Beaumont

Training Division

Training Lt. Chris Beaumont

Training is a critical component of Public Safety’s commitment to provide the highest level of services to residents of Indian River Shores. Public Safety Officer Lieutenant Chris Beaumont primarily responsible for managing all training activities to assure a high level of professionalism is maintained within the Department. The Public Safety Department is unique as all of its full-time officers are triple certified with State of Florida licensure and certifications as law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and/or paramedics. The certifications and cross-training the officers receive enable them to function in any of these capacities depending on the call types they are dispatched to at the time. This arrangement provides for a continuous high level of police, fire and emergency medical intervention.

The Commission of Florida Law Enforcement accreditation standards require that training of Departmental officers is continuous throughout the year. In 2018, the Department’s officers successfully completed 8,514 hours of training . Subjects covered included firearms, use of force legal, infectious diseases, rescue extractions, and fire prevention.